Baby Come Back

The Challenge

Johnson's is losing relevance among Millennials. Why? Millennials largely trust products that are made from natural ingredients, not chemicals. Most Millennials would agree that Johnson's gold shampoo brings back nostalgic memories of their upbringing yet they feel it's too synthetic and old-fashioned to use on their own babies. Revamping Johnson's will also have positive effects on the company as a whole. Because Johnson's is the only brand in the U.S. that carries the company's name, many consumers come to know and trust J&J through Johnson's.

Our challenge is to strategically revamp Johnson's packaging to win back the trust of Millennials. We have dozens of global stakeholders to manage, an undocumented inventory of global products to audit and reorganize, a brand strategy to create, and approx. 250 unique packages to design in less than six months.


Brand Strategy


Color Strategy


Packaging Design


Multi-Stakeholder Management

The Process Phase 1: Defining The Scope

We need a master list of all the Johnson's products worldwide to fully understand the scope of the redesign. Because a list doesn't already exist, we create it by thoroughly auditing regional websites, and meeting with global marketing and production teams. 

The Process Phase 2: Color Strategy

A big component of the new design strategy is color strategy. To be perceived as more natural, Johnson's needs to move away from its' synthetic palette to a more mild and pure palette. In doing an activity such as this, there's an opportunity to reduce the number of resins in order to save company resources. We reduced resins by 35% saving $850,000 in pilot molds alone!

The Process Phase 3: Design Strategy

The design needs to accomplish the following in a delightful way: strengthen brand equity, modernize the brand, and communicate at shelf. In order to succeed on all fronts, a strategic recipe for illustration has been created. 

The Results

First major redesign of Johnson's since 1973

3% market share increase in first 3 months on the market (37% –> 40%)

The new color strategy reduced resins by 35%, saving an initial $850,000 on pilot molds 

Winning back consumer trust for Johnson's and more broadly, Johnson & Johnson