Sparking the Collective Heartstrings to Activate Change

The Challenge

ConsenSys is a rapidly growing incubator for businesses that have a shared goal of increasing the adoption of blockchain technology. ConsenSys Social Impact is one of the core pillars within ConsenSys. Their mission is to leverage emerging technologies, particularly blockchain, to solve the world's most pressing issues. 

Our challenge is two-fold, first we must create a brand architecture for ConsenSys to aid users in navigating across its' services and second we must honor the unique value that ConsenSys Social Impact brings to the table with a brand identity that reflects its' value proposition.


Brand Architecture

Brand Strategy


Brand Positioning


Brand Identity


Web Design

The Process

We listened, synthesized, researched and developed brand strategy and positioning for ConsenSys Social Impact. CSI is a team of socially responsible technology experts who believe they can make a positive impact in the world by connecting with their growing network of NGO's think tanks and partners. We felt it was important for their brand identity communicate the themes of activation, innovation and connection.

The Results of ConsenSys Social Impact Branding

The identity system equally balances the themes of activation, innovation and connection. The logotype and color palette are designed to be both impactful and human. The radiating graphic is representative of CSI’s innovative, organically growing network of connections. The primary serif typeface, Utopia, is used to convey the modern warmth of the CSI brand. The serif also adds credibility to the message being communicated. The team is empowered to have a brand that communicates their purpose to inspire others.  

The Results of The Brand Architecture

Building a brand architecture off of business strategy works! The core principles of the business — autonomy, decentralization, holocracy and self-organization — are made possible with a flexible brand architecture. Individuals rejoice!