Honoring an Age-Old Italian Deli

The Challenge

Trinacria is a century-old, Sicilian deli and market that's been passed down through generations. The enterprise began out of a single window in 1900. That window served as a storefront for the family to sell their homemade bread. Throughout the years, they've expanded their space and menu items to include homemade tomato sauces, olives, pastas, and sweets. Trinacria is a well-known and respected business in Downtown Baltimore that sells quality, homemade Italian specialties. 

My challenge is to rebrand Trinacria in a way that honors its' heritage, maintains its' homemade values and provides flexibility for its' future. 


Brand Strategy


Brand Identity


Packaging Design

The Results

The triangle core to the logo is representative of the family’s ties to Sicily, which has three points. The logo is designed with sharp angles, a single color and bold typography to easily translate into a stamp for flexible, cost-effective, multi-functional packaging solutions. The tomato sauce labels recount the family story to honor their heritage.