Freedom to Transact

The Challenge

Liquality is a platform that’s being built on the blockchain. Their mission is to create robust, interconnected networks for peers to easily find each other and directly exchange any asset without intermediation. The founders are driven by the belief that the freedom to transact is foundational to a more fair, open, and equitable society.


Our challenge is to bring their vision to life and communicate it to an audience of developers. 


Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning




Brand Identity


Web Design

The Process

As brand experts within the emerging technology space, we know that blockchain services and dApps all share similar principles - increased transparency, inclusion, equality and security. In order to communicate each business’s distinct value within the blockchain space, a deep line of questioning needs to be employed. What motivated the founders to leave their 6-figure salaries to take a leap into the unknown? What’s the purpose of this company? What’s the 10,000 foot view? Why does society need this? What impact will it have - positive and negative? 

The Process

We listened, synthesized, researched and developed a brand strategy and positioning for Liquality. The graphics needed to transcend BEYOND language to communicate to a global audience. The following themes needed to be conveyed: modularity (the platform serves as a foundation for developers to build upon), liquidity (a diversity of value assets will be exchanged), and binary relationships (peer-to-peer). 

The Results

We involved the founders in the branding process every step of the way. This helped to ensure alignment and speed. The resulting identity system is designed to communicate modularity, liquidity and binary relationships to a developer-centric audience in a minimalist way. The mark cues fluidity, balance and innovation. As a result of the founders being highly engaged throughout the branding process, they deeply resonate with their brand's identity and are delighted to have a live website and thorough brand kit in less than two months!